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Hiking on La Palma – From La Zarza to Don Pedro and back

Hiking on La Palma –  From La Zarza to Don Pedro and back

After I lazed yesterday, I am getting active again. I have a little sore throat since two days, but this can’t stop me. When I think about it I remember that the woman next to me in the plane took a throat lozenge. This is where I got the virus from. And after my hike two days ago I drove home with the window down and I was sweaty. This is where they attacked… However. Can’t change it.

The tour that I want to hike today is through a forest with a primeval touch from La Zarza down to Don Pedro and back. The way to the trail is very long. I drive almost 1 1/2 hours through the winding North West, always along the rock. I drive through a pine forest and am fascinated by its beauty. I will stop here on the way back and take some pictures.

Then suddenly clouds come up and it gets chilly. I close the window and it starts to drizzle. The weather doesn’t get better as I arrive the starting point of my tour and so I start in the drizzle, which is mostly kept away by the woods in that I dive in immediately.

Here is the track:

Track La Zarza – Don Pedro

After only two minutes of walking I find myself in the jungle. I am fascinated and take one photo after another. How the clouds dive in the forest is so beautiful and magical. It creates a mystic atmosphere, almost a little eery. It is cold and humid and I am all alone.

And once again I am the only one who likes to hike this trail. There was another car in the parking lot. But only one. Am I too early? Are the others still coming? Or don’t they like to hike? Or do they only hike trails, that are accessible halfway by car?

The smell is wonderful. It reminds me a bit of my peppermint tea, that I had this morning, but woodier and earthier. I don’t get tired taking pictures of the primeval forest. It’s just so beautiful.

It is so calm here, that I frighten, as a bird flies out of the bushes right next to me. Then it gets warmer, but the humidity stays and I hear buzzing. The best case is it’s flies, the worst case is it’s mosquitos. I walk away fast.

Then it gets even steeper and warmer than before. I now have the feeling that I am really in the rainforest jungle. Sweat runs down my forehead and my glasses fog every time I stop for a second to take a picture.

My phone start the alarm, that tells me I stray the trail. But since there is only one way here that is marked with two stripes in yellow and white, I am sure that I am on the right trail. The GPS has obviously problems locating me. No wonder, I am in the jungle!

I gets wetter and wetter and as I leave the woods it’s not drizzling anymore but raining. I pull out my rain jacket from my backpack and notice that my lunch has spread on it. Those stupid boxes that are in the holiday flat are the worst. They don’t close properly and even the plastic bag, that I wrapped around them was cut by the lid. I put on my hat and go further. Then my throats notifies itself and with that a non-willing feeling kind of defiant. I don’t want to go further. I decide to go back, since I saw a sign a few meters before that showed the way back to the car in 3 km ( 1.9 mi). So I am only doing a short hike today. On the camino I would have continued my hike, because there wouldn’t have been another choice. But today I am not up for more. I am tired.

The decision seems to be right, because the rain gets heavier and it’s getting windy. I smell my lunch the whole time. It unfortunately covers the smell of the woods, that I like.

I walk past a nice house, that must have an amazing view in good weather. Next to it is a fruit garden and in front of the house are an orange tree and a lime tree. I take some pictures of flowers with water drops and start to walk away as a dog starts barking. It jumps out of the bushes and right towards me. I frighten and stop. Usually I am not afraid of dogs, but when it comes at you barking loudly and the devil in its eyes it is something different. It jumps around me and doesn’t stop barking. I slowly start to walk away and it lets me escape. As I am on my own again I start to get angry about what just happened. The dog just wanted to defend its territory, sure. But this is an official trail! Why isn’t there a fence around the property? And where was the owner to help me get out of this situation?

The way back is exhausting, because it goes up, but manageable. I spot a few poor dwellings and ask myself if there are actually people living here. Since there are chickens and goats in a fenced area, I think so. I am so shocked by the dirt, rubbish and the housings that I forget to take pictures. It would have been inappropriate though. One of the goats walks towards me and bleats at me. I start laughing and take a video of the goat bleating at me. It’s so funny how it looks at me, screams “blah” and sticks out its tongue.

The last part of the way is along the road. There I spot a millipede that is too quick in one of the cracks as if I could focus on it. The hiking guide-book says that the centipede is the only poisonous animal on La Palma. I will look it up at home, what it looks like and if this is the one or only a harmless similar one. (At home I see, that the dangerous one looks somehow different from this little guy.)

As I arrive at my car I eat my lunch, that I had smelled almost all day and then start my way back home. I wanted to take pictures of the pine wood that I spotted on the way here. It is so beautiful there and very windy. The clouds dispersed and the sun is shining again.

The rest of the day I wash my clothes and prepare dinner. Only the smelly jacket. I don’t wash it, because the stupid washing machine won’t open after once started. I forgot to put in the jacket and then wanted to add it after it started. Waiting, pulling the plug, changing the program – nothing worked to open the scuttle. My 20-year-old washing machine at home isn’t that bitchy. Well, then I’ll wash it the day after tomorrow…

See you soon on La Palma!


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