Tasty Empanadas with Bell Pepper and Spinach Filling
Fluffy Focaccia with Olives, Rosemary and Salt
Fluffy Blueberry Yoghurt Muffins
Sweet Vegan Omelets

Sweet Vegan Omelets

Tangy “Goat” Tofu

Tangy “Goat” Tofu

Hearty Pizza Pull-Apart Bread
Soft Cinnamon Rolls with Glaze
Marinated Tofu Feta Cheese

Marinated Tofu Feta Cheese

Super Chocolaty Chocolate Orange Cookies

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Fried Mushrooms with Garlic Sauce like From The Fair
Savory Porridge with Tomatoes, Mushrooms and Spinach
Tasty Filled Crêpes with Chocolate Curd and Cherries
Vegan Christmas Baking: Coconut Macaroons
Vegan Christmas Baking: Spitzbuben Cookies
Melty Butternut Cheese Sandwiches

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