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Brunch at Holger Böker in Mönchengladbach

[Unpaid Advertising] This weekend my friends and I went out for brunch and tested what Holger Böker at Richard Wagner has to offer. It was very rustic and cozy and the staff was friendly and courteous. At the buffet us…

Chocolate Porridge with Peanut Butter and Banana

[Advertising: Affiliate Links] As long as it’s cold outside, I am having something warm to eat in the morning. Porridge is a great breakfast. It’s not only super delicious, but very healthy. Rolled oats not only add valuable carbohydrates, but…

Nice Cream

[Advertising: Affiliate Links] Have you heard of nice cream yet? This healthy ice cream is also called nana ice. It is so simple to make and needs just two ingredients: bananas and (non-dairy) milk. It is also absolutely versatile. If…

Avocado Mustard Dip

[Advertising: Affiliate Links] Avocado isn’t just very healthy, but also very delicious. Can you imagine vegan sushi without the green-yellow butter fruit? Or tortilla chips without guacamole? Today I added some mustard to my avocado. This is

Breakfast to Drink

There are days, when you are in a hurry. Because the alarm clock didn’t ring, because you had to change, because you got toothpaste on your shirt and the kitchen is a mess, because a bag of rice fell from…

Apple Pie

[Advertising: Affiliate Links] Apple Pie is probably one of the few dishes where everybody agrees: Apple Pie is great! Sweet, juicy apples between a golden crust with glaze – divine. Very simple without rum or raisins is this a classic…

Crispy Kale Chips

[Advertising: Affiliate Links] It’s winter and that means that it is now time for kale. This vegetable is very healthy and a so-called superfood. It has a lot of vitamins a, c and k, important minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium…

Pizza with My Most Beloved Vegan Pizza Cheese

[Advertising: Affiliate Links] You can make crispy pizza as from the stone oven at home. It is important to make sure, your oven is really hot. I heat it to 250° C  (480° F) with a pizza tray on the…

Pulled Mushroom Bites

I love this meaty, juicy pulled mushroom bites. I used king oyster mushrooms to make it. Bake the mushrooms in

Crispy and light Waffles

[Advertising: Affiliate Links] Is there something better, than to come home on a Sunday afternoon, after a long walk, to eat some warm, steaming waffles? No? I didn’t think so. When they are served with hot cherries and whipped cream,…

Hike near Rösrath and Vegane Creamed Pea Soup

[Advertising: Affiliate Links] I like being in nature. At water, in the forest, I don’t care. Outdoors is all that matters. This weekend I was hiking with Marten from einfach raus…. Marten is also vegan and an outdoor enthusiast. I…

Hiking Weekend in the Eifel in November 2015

My dear friends and I hit the road. Destination: Eifel. We rented a rebuilt farm homestead in a small village named Kall and spent a weekend there. We were 14 people, all vegan except for one poor guy.

Eggplant Herring in Yoghurt Sauce

Juicy, salty fish pieces in a creamy sauce with steaming potatoes. Mhhh. I always loved that dish. My mom prepared it then with

Chocolate and Cherry Layered Dessert

[Advertising: Affiliate Links] Inspired by a black forest cake this dessert is much simpler to make, but tastes just as delicious. You can make it one day before and allow the flavors to develop overnight. So if you make it for an event…

Tofu Cream Cheese

[Advertising: Affiliate Links] I tried quite a few cream cheese alternatives by now. But I haven’t found a product yet that tastes good and doesn’t have too many nasty ingredients. Without thickening agents, artificial aromatics or lots of

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