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Creamy Gnocchi Casserole with Peppers and Wild Garlic

[Advertising: Affiliate Links] I love that I have a place in the woods near my home where wild garlic grows. I found that place when I was hiking with Marten the other day. This is why I am having wild…

Asparagus with Soya Beef in Creamy Green Pepper Sauce

[Advertising: Affiliate Links] It’s finally here: Asparagus season! It seemed like I waited forever to have this delicious vegetable again. I love the green stalks best, because you don’t have to peel them and they have more flavor. Since I…

Filled Croissants with Homemade Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

[Advertising: Affiliate Links] I have to share this recipe with you, because my colleagues loved my chocolate hazelnut spread that I brought today for tasting. I prepared chocolate croissants this weekend and thus had a little glass of chocolate spread…

Hike in the Gelpetal in Wuppertal and Lentil Curry

Marten and I hiked near my home this time. We didn’t have to drive somewhere, but started at my door. This trail was very interesting, because we went across meadows, in very small paths in the woods and

Pizza Wheels with Mushrooms and Wild Garlic

[Advertising: Affiliate Links] Pizza wheels are super easy and quick to make and are great fast dinner or snack for a party. To make the dish really easy to make, I decided to use ready-to-use pizza dough instead of making…

Blueberry Smoothie Bowl with Chocolate Granola and Kiwi

Smoothies make a great breakfast. They are delicious and you can consume your daily portion of fruits in just one meal. And sometimes even vegetables, depending on what you put in your smoothie.

Hike at Baldeneysee and Mushroom Risotto

[Advertising: Affiliate Links] Last weekend the weather forecast predicted warm and sunny weather. So Marten and I didn’t think twice. Since we wanted to have a hot dog in the evening at PAN – Heftig Deftig, we hiked near

Eating out at PAN – Heftig Deftig in Essen

[Unpaid Advertising] Last weekend I tried the vegan hot dog at PAN – Heftig Deftig and have to say: it was very delicious! You can order the hot dog with a portion of chips, a dip (there are 6 different,…

Energy Balls with Almonds and Cranberries

In my last post I mentioned I want to eat healthier again. I think a healthy diet also contains sweets. Healthy treats. Energy balls are the perfect healthy sweet. For those who

Burrito Bowl with Black Beans and Guacamole

Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring or bad in taste. This burrito bowl for example is delicious and healthy. It is made from brown rice, spicy black beans and creamy guacamole.

Strudel with Root Vegetables and Yoghurt Dip

[Advertising: Affiliate Links] Since I had some sheet of phyllo dough left over from making the savory phyllo snacks, I thought about making a strudel. I filled it with different colored carrots and beetroot. I also think a few quartered…

Crispy Chocolate Granola

[Advertising: Affiliate Links] In the morning you need something good to get your motor running. Granola or muesli are wonderful options to integrate complex carbohydrates, protein and many important vitamins in your diet. The simplest way to have this is…

Phyllo Dough Rolls with Smoky Tomato Dip

[Advertising: Affiliate Links] My diet is mostly plant-based with grains and legumes (and cake). But from time to time I like a meaty dish. Vegans often get asked, why they eat meat-like meals. It’s simple: Because we can.

Beluga Lentils Salad with Avocado

Did you know, that the name beluga lentils comes from the same-named caviar? This is because they look like the eggs of a sturgeon. But that just by the way. There are no harmed animals on this site ?. This…

Creamy Hot Chocolate from the Blender

Do you know that? When you sit on your sofa in the evening and you suddenly have a craving for chocolate? I have always love hot chocolate. I used to make it with milk, sugar and cocoa powder, that I…

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